Jolly Food Industries is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of exporting fresh fruits and vegetables. Jolly Food Industries is based in Alexandria, Egypt. All year round, it provides a full, day-fresh range of fruit, and vegetables to its clients: importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, caterers and the processing industry.

Jolly Food Industries provides an integrated service to their customers across the world. We operate in over 50 countries paying careful consideration to seasonality.Our extensive knowledge and experience of fresh produce supply mean that at Jolly Food Industries, we can source additional items upon bespoke requests.


Meeting the expectations of our Customers, Shareholders, and Stakeholders by making available to local, regional and worldwide clients; the best quality – pathogen-free – and Value for Money Packed Citrus, Fruits & Vegetables.


We will be recognized as the dominant citrus, fruits and vegetables packing company locally, internationally and we will be known as the professional customer oriented corporation having state of the art systems and technologies producing high-quality products.

Our motto is … Sustainable Quality. We aim to provide fresh sustainable product solutions, to our customers.


  • Honesty: Ensuring we work & communicate transparently with trust & integrity among our Customers, Employees, Stakeholders and Shareholders.
  • Professionalism: Dedicated, responsible & accountable for doing the right thing at the right time in the right way.
  • Protecting People & the Environment: Supporting ethical ventures in our communities through environmentally sustainable resources & methods.
  • Collaboration & Innovation: Creating new and improved solutions to support and empower our Customers, Employees, Stakeholders and Shareholders to achieve our shared goals.


Our Day Isn’t Over Until We’ve Made Yours.

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